Screening Quiz – 1 Year

Speech-Language Skills
  • Responds to “No-no!”
  • Responds to his/her name
  • Follows simple direction with gestures
  • Gives object/toy on request “Give me the ball”
  • Says, “mama” or “dada”
  • Imitates waving, bye-bye
  • Points to, pulls or pushes caregiver to desired object
  • Plays simple games, “peek-a-boo”
  • Vocalizes at least a few vowels, “ah, oo, e” and consonants, “p, b, h, m”
*Refer to a Speech-Language Pathologist if the child has less than 5 of the skills above.

Feeding/Dysphagia Skills
  • Consuming Liquids in a sippy cup and/or regular cup
  • Consuming Finger Foods
  • No choking or gagging observed while eating or drinking
  • Eats at least 10 different foods
*Refer to a Speech-Language Pathologist if any of the above are not accurate.

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