• We are considered in-network for the following insurance companies: Cigna, Humana (Speech only) United Healthcare, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Aetna, and Coventry. We accept Amerigroup, PeachState, Caresource, & Ambetter. Although we are considered to be in-network with your insurance carrier, this is not a guarantee of coverage or payment for our services. We also accept straight Medicaid, SSI, and Deeming Waiver for children up through age 21.

  • Information about Deeming Waiver, NOW Waiver, & COMP Waiver:
    • Learn how to apply for Katie Beckett Deeming Waiver here.
    • Learn how to apply for NOW/COMP here.

  • All insurance claims following treatment at Greater Atlanta Speech and Language Clinics (GASLC) are filed as a courtesy to you and are subject to review by your insurance carrier. GASLC will submit a claim with your insurance carrier up to 2 times per appointment and any further insurance appeal is solely your responsibility unless a secondary source of payment is established. This includes, but is not limited to: insurance denial of coverage, policy deductibles, policy maximums, annual or lifetime benefits being exceeded, and GASLC not receiving payment within a reasonable amount of time even if you are in an appeals process with your insurance carrier.

  • Please be advised that if we are filing with a private insurance company that it can take up to 30-60 days or longer to receive an EOB (explanation of benefits). By the time we know whether or not your insurance company will pay, we may have accumulated more than one month’s invoice. Please plan ahead as you will be expected to pay the balance on all of the invoices by the first of the following month.

  • Greater Atlanta Speech and Language Clinics, Inc. (GASLC) implements a cancellation policy. If you are unavailable for a scheduled appointment 3 times without calling to cancel 24 hours in advance of your appointment, GASLC retains the right to discontinue services immediately. GASLC kindly requests that you offer a courtesy call in advance so that if possible your therapist can reschedule your appointment. Additionally, at the discretion of GASLC management, excessive cancellations within a given month may result in discontinuation of services. If you choose to discontinue treatment, you will be responsible for paying for all services that were provided prior to your decision to discontinue.

  • Please be advised: We bill all insurance as a courtesy. Verification of benefits is not a guarantee of payment. Payment is determined by your insurance company upon receipt of the claim for processing. You are ultimately responsible for all charges if Insurance does not cover or pay.

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