Summer Groups

Incredibly excited to announce our Summer 2021 Camp:


*The speech-language pathologist will focus on building vocabulary and using language for a variety of social purposes. This group will target language essentials such as eye contact, attention, imitation, communicative turn-taking, requesting verbally and non-verbally, and fostering social relationships through play and games.

*The occupational therapist will foster sensory integration, fine motor skills, development of grasp for handwriting and drawing, upper body strength, executive functioning skills, task sequencing, and visual motor skills to promote independence with play, pre-academics, and activities of daily living (ADLs). Music, crafts, movement, and tactile play will be utilized.

*The physical therapist will promote core strengthening, endurance training for improved stamina, increased flexibility for sustained muscle activity, balance training, motor planning, coordination, and postural control.

Language constructors