Patient Testimonials

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“Words cannot express how grateful we are that you are Aryan’s speech pathologist.  It hasmei ting take us many years to find a speech therapist who understands Aryan’s needs and gives such fabulous therapy.  We always reflect on the things we are thankful for and you are definitely at the top of our list!”….. Salma and Omar

“For five years, my son has only drank warm milk out of a bottle.  Within a few months of working with you he is drinking out of an open cup!  And sparkling flavored water at that.  You have truly changed his and my life.  I don’t know how to ever thank you enough!  You are truly amazing and are perfect at what you do?”………Jeanine

“Bailey had a lot of problems. In speech she had problems with pronunciation and understanding. In OT she needed help tying her shoes and several other things as well pertaining to her safety as well.  The therapists have helped amazingly.  It is always easy working with you guys. Bailey has grown in many ways!”…….Shay

Before coming to Greater Atlanta Speech, my daughter didn’t say anything and now she says mama and communicates nonverbally as well.  My daughter did not communicate verbally or nonverbally and now she communicates nonverbally and is aware of everything.  My son has been at Greater Atlanta Speech for around a year and is speaking fluently as if he never had a delay. Working with greater Atlanta speech therapy has been truly life changing. My children have grown so much from the amazing teachers help.  I would recommend anyone with a speech delay to go to greater Atlanta speech therapy. Two of my children have seen several therapists and have grown so much. The staff is also super helpful and kind.  ……..Courtney